COVID-19 Procedures
Businesses and employers can prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19 within the workplace. Employers should respond in a way that takes into account the level of disease transmission in their communities and revise their business response plans as needed. 

Performing a risk/hazard assessment of your workplace will help ensure municipal, provincial and federal requirements are being met. As this pandemic is ever-changing employers must remain flexible with their response and be able to pivot in a cost effective manner.

Bulldog Safety will work with you in producing a plan that includes a written policy to address COVID-19 business concerns.

OHS Program Building & Implementation

WorkSafeBC regulations require all businesses conceive, implement, and maintain an Occupational Health & Safety Program. Bulldog Safety Consulting can be your guide to navigating WorkSafeBC regulations, focusing on your company's specific needs, to achieve a comprehensive "Health & Safety" program. Once complete, we will assist in implementation, JOHS Committee roll-out and work with you on an ongoing basis to maintain the program as your company's needs change. Whether starting a plan from new or bringing your dormant plan back to life, let our consultants quickly assist in making your company as safe, compliant and profitable as possible!

Site Audits / Inspections / Reports
Regular site safety inspections keep the workplace safe by identifying and correcting hazards in the workplace before an accident or injury occurs focusing on factors that have the potential to cause injury or illness to employees include equipment, materials, processes or work.

A professional consultant will act as part of your management staff or act independently to provide oversight of the projects health and safety program.

Bulldog Safety can provide regularly scheduled checks of a workplace or part of a workplace in order to identify health and safety hazards and recommend corrective action. 

Workplace Risk Assessments

As an Employer, you must ensure that regular inspections are made of all workplaces (including buildings, structures, grounds excavations, tools, equipment, machinery work methods and practices). WorkSafeBC regulations (OHSR Sec 3.5-3.8) are what is deemed as prescriptive, meaning it is a legal requirement.

Bulldog Safety Consulting will come to your workplace or job site to conduct a comprehensive inspection which will include a risk/hazard assessment. Our inspector holds a CSO designation allowing us to inspect any industrial, commercial or construction site. Once the inspection has been completed, you will receive a written report and recommendation for any issues found.

Rack Inspections
On January 01, 2018, WorkSafeBC imposed new regulations regarding the safety of your storage racks. In general, the new subsection in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires that employers ensure that their storage racks are installed and have the appropriate information displayed.

Bulldog Safety’s Rack Inspection Safety course will leave your employees with the knowledge to conduct the required monthly inspections. Or, if you prefer Bulldog Safety will make it easy and do the monthly inspection for you.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Building / Review / Facilitating
One of the most important regulations perscribed by WorkSafeBC is the formation of a Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC). The main focus of the JOHSC is to open a dialogue between management and employees. Meetings are required on a monthly basis to discuss workplace safety concerns. Let Bulldog Safety Consulting help in the formation of your JOHSC. From member selection to meeting layout, we can help establish and maintain your Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee.

Employee Handbook Building
A handbook sets expectations, encourages employees to behave in certain ways, helps ensure employees are treated consistently, publicizes employee benefits and helps win unemployment claims and lawsuits. These are just a few of the reasons why every employer, regardless of the number of employees, should have one.

Bulldog Safety will work with employers to construct a handbook that is made to provide employees a guide on how to succeed in their new role. Secondary it’s meant to ensure that employees know how to behave, perform and make clear the consequences if they fail to meet expectations.  

First Aid  Services or First Aid Room Room Maintenance 

If you require an Occupational First Aid Attendant, give Bulldog Safety Consulting a call. We offer services up to OFA Level III. Whether you need coverage for a special event, project or an absent attendant, we can offer a WorkSafeBC certified OFA attendant and, if required, are able to supply the necessary equipment.

Certified Construction Safety Officer Services

Bulldog Safety offers temporary CSO personnel when you find yourself in need. Our certified Construction Safety Officer will keep you and your site safe and compliant.