Respiratory Fit Testing (Qualitative)
Those exposed to respiratory hazards in the workplace or worksite, and required to wear a respirator (N95, a half mask, or a full face-piece) are required to be trained on the selection, use, care and maintenance of this critical piece of personal protective equipment.

As well as the training, a qualitative fit test is required to ensure the selected respirator fits the individual and provides the intended protection. Our fit testing training also meets the needs of many college students (ie: those in nursing, PSW and welding programs) whom require record of fit testing for placements.

Employers must ensure that PPE needed for the job is used by workers and maintained in good condition. The PPE must comply with applicable standards. Where required, the employer must ensure that the PPE is used, maintained and stored according to manufacturer’s instructions, applicable standards, and legislated requirements.

Bulldog Safety offers Qualitative Fit Testing for N95, Half-Face and Full-Face Respirators at your facility to ensure workers are adequately trained on the use and storage of the PPE.

Mobile Equipment Training (Moffett, Counter Balance Forklift, Pallet Truck and Skid Steer)
Our certification programs are compliant with CSA Standard B355-04 and WorkSafeBC mobile equipment operator regulations. Our comprehensive courses use adult learning techniques to ensure operators come away with the knowledge required to be safe, proficient and confident operators. The courses use a combination of a Power Point Presentation supplemented with reading material, followed by a written and practical exam.

The most popular feature of our training courses is that we come to you! Experience has shown that training on the equipment and in the environment your operators will be working in instills a higher level of confidence. We understand that you may not have the usual number of employees to train that other providers require as a minimum. While larger group sessions are available, feel free to contact us with your smaller group needs

Chain Saw Safety Training

This course covers basic chain saw safety as it relates to tree trimming, disaster clean-up, forestry and more. I-CAB Recognized.

Statistics have shown that there are certain inherent dangers associated with chainsaw operations, even during normal working conditions. A chainsaw can be a very dangerous piece of equipment; most of these injuries and deaths are due to several basic hazards. This course will discuss some of the more common hazards associated with chainsaw operations and show you how to recognize these hazards and avoid them.

Bulldog Safety’s  chainsaw safety course is an efficient way to get trained and ready for the job. 

Commercial Vehicle Driver Evaluations

With over 15 years and almost a million kilometers of commercial driving experience, let Bulldog Safety Consulting's commercial vehicle evaluator ensure your company drivers are at their best. We can take the worry out of your yearly evaluations by thoroughly assessing pre-trip / post-trip procedures and, most importantly, on road performance.

We serve as a neutral third party to provide an objective assessment. Each driver will receive a written report including an assessment of risk and driver-induced vehicle wear assessment, which will provide fleet managers and supervisors valuable information to implement cost saving measures.